The Blissful Bear is located at Cottontail Farms;  a budding rabbitry specializing in German Angoras with amazing fiber.e355d891-bb98-4bda-8054-2f52fb7a1758

The Blissful Bear is home of the the soaps and crochet items division, while Cottontail Farms encompasses the rabbits, custom fiber, and handspun yarns.

The fun of making different soaps…all with personality; and an absolute love and passion for fiber and everything fiber arts, turned into The Blissful Bear at Cottontail Farms. Any spare moment, that’s not spent enjoying the bunnies, I can be found in my studio in fiber prep or spinning, crocheting, or weaving something.

Outside of the studio and the bunny farm I’m most likely in the dance studio. There’s  never enough time to practice. I always appreciate the wonderful people of the dance world and love catching up with friends that I don’t get to see often. After a weekend of the friends, fun and of course the excitement of competitions; between the craziness of hair, makeup, frantic costume changes, and performing  eight different routines, and the nerves that go with it, I’m always ready to come home to the animals and quiet of my little fiber studio.


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